Ian Dickinson

About me

Computer scientist and full-stack software developer. Co-founder and front-end team lead at Epimorphics Ltd, where my team and I build web apps and data visualisations for linked data and semantic web datasets. Mostly we're working with HTML/CSS, VueJS, Ruby-on-Rails and Python.

Mostly I make software & digital things. When I can, I like to get away from my computer and make greenwood furniture and other craft pieces. You can read more about what I do on my (alas sporadically updated) blog.

I believe strongly in the need to bring more diversity in to software development. As an industry, we need to do much more. I am a volunteer coach/mentor at CodeBar Bristol, and have been a volunteer coach at Rails Girls events. I am open to more opportunities to coach at, or otherwise support, diversity-affirming events. Please see my contact details .

And I live in beautiful Somerset, UK.